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You are on a correct page for F & B business Jo Paji Foods is a cafe cum restaurant Business where we offer low cost food with extreme good quality.

We also help people who don’t have offices to meet people. We give them a space free of cost with a wifi facility.

We have various food options like momos pizza, rajma rice, gulab jamun, kulhad, pizza, etc. you can also check our menu (click here).

Our Cafe Models

Dine in Modal

300 – 400 Sq. Ft.

Launge Modal

500 – 800 Sq. Ft.


150 Sq. Ft.

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café chain with the fastest growth. From obscurity to iconic brand. To become their own bosses, many people are joining our company.

If you have ever dreamt of being your own boss, if you want to be in charge of your own growth. Most importantly, if you are foodie and you love foodie people, then we will help you start and grow your Jo Paji and Food Franchise.

Join Joprenuers and help us serve happiness and smile with a touch of inspiration in every serve.

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